Business Accounts

The ideal banking alternative for your business with all the features you need

All accounts with dedicated IBANs

Real-time payments in EUR and GBP via SEPA, FasterPayments and CHAPS

Worldwide payments available
through SWIFT

Open additional accounts and
manage them centrally

As your business grows, so does your need for more accounts. IBANIZE allows you to centrally manage all of your accounts, even across various legal entities. All of this using a single, online interface, giving you a clear overview of your finances at all times.

Prepaid MasterCard

Convenient way to manage your funds using virtual or physical cards connected to the account.


Do you need company card for your employees? With our prepaid card, you can allocate specific amount to each employee and control their spend.

Multi-level transaction approval

Option to set-up multiple users to authorize a payment, either for all payments or only from a certain amount.

User permission management

Decide which users have executive rights, which can only prepare payments for executive users to approve and which have only viewing rights.

Mass pay-outs

Need to handle a lot of outbound payments at once? No problem, you can do that with an upload of a single file.

Payment order templates

Save time with your regular payments and create your own payment templates.

All the features you

Manage your accounts as
you prefer

Internet Banking

Our internet banking is designed with the needs of businesses in mind. Features such as multi-user transaction approval, mass payment functionalities and independent user management ensure a convenient, seamless user experience.

API Banking

Our API Banking allows you to embed your corporate accounts directly into your existing business workflows. Use it to automate supplier payments, employee wages and download customised reports and account statements!

Payout option

Mass pay-outs

If you want to send payouts in batches, you don’t have to send them one by one. Just upload a single file with information on all the payments you need to send and you’re done.

Payouts to card (CFTs)

Is it easier for your partners to accept payments on their card? We have you covered. Integrate our gateway to issue payouts with MasterCard.

Ready to open your business
account for the 21st century?