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Business Accounts

What are the limits available on pre-paid card?

You can view the full conditions here. Limits are stated on the last two pages of the document.

Can I order a pre-paid card?

Yes, we support pre-paid cards connected to the business accounts. The pre-paid card can be issued for each EEA based entity.

Do you support co-signing rules?

Yes, you can access this feature in your IBANIZE Internet Banking via Accounts – Details – Approval rules. Only the person with director level of access is able to enter this section due to security reasons.

Is there an option to have more account users with different permissions?

Yes, you can add either active (= can execute outgoing payments) or passive (= view only) users online using the „settings – request active or partial user“.

Do you offer multi-currency accounts?

Unfortunately, we do not.

Can I assign the virtual IBAN to my customer?

Yes, you can. However, bear in mind, that virtual IBAN is not an actual account. It should be considered rather as a specific account number your customer can use in order to pair the transactions easily.