Virtual IBANs

Do you have to deal with reconciliation of many incoming bank transfers?
Avoid the reconciliation costs and lost payment with virtual IBANS.

Unique IBAN per customer

Assign each of your customers/contracts a specific IBAN and you’ll always know who is paying for what. No references to be filled in, all your customers need to remember is the IBAN

Manage your IBANs
via API

You can create, delete, temporarily block or unblock virtual IBANs on your own via our API. Receive real-time notifications about your inbound payments.

Explore the Api
0 Balance

Virtual IBANs do not store any funds, they just assign a reference number to each payment, which is then credited to the main account.

One statement

Reconciliation has never been easier. All virtual IBANs maintain a zero balance at all times and any payment that comes to them is credited to your main account. Just one statement to download, just one account to reconcile.

Same day SEPA payments

All virtual IBANs issued by TrustPay are EUR denominated SEPA
accounts. Thus you can accept same day payments throughout
Europe at almost no cost to your customers.

Ready to open business
account for the 21st century?